Quality Accommodation Ideas For Holidaying In The UK With Your Family

When you and your family need a holiday, but your finances cannot quite stretch to go abroad, plenty of destinations throughout the UK may be suitable. Many accommodation options are available, and there are some fantastic destinations you can consider, depending on what you and your family like to do. Below you can see some accommodation ideas you can consider so you and your family can enjoy a fantastic holiday in the UK and explore our beautiful island.


Camping can be lots of fun for you and your family, giving you lots of freedom to explore and go where you want to. It is a cost-effective accommodation option for a holiday if you already have all the equipment, and all you need do is pack your car and head off to wherever you want to explore. When looking for a destination offering excellent camping, Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland have plenty of campsite options. You can be close to nature and enjoy an active holiday while enjoying some beautiful scenery and seeing some fantastic wildlife the UK has in abundance.


Glamping is similar to camping but posher, and you will often have a large static tent or pod placed in a field where you can stay with your family. It allows you to be close to nature but has the benefit of sleeping in a comfortable bed at night and enjoying a few modern conveniences. It costs more than camping but is more comfortable and can make for an excellent holiday for you and your family.

Rent A Caravan

You can also rent a caravan for your family holiday, or if you already have one take it to a caravan park at your preferred destination. Many camping and glamping sites also take caravans, and they are more comfortable than a tent and can often have luxuries such as satellite TV, a shower, hot water, oven, and heating.

A Narrowboat Holiday

Another excellent option you can consider for your family holiday is hiring a narrow boat and exploring the canals and rivers of the UK. They are simple to operate, and you can enjoy the slow pace of life on your boat as you and your family relax. You will find plenty of places to explore along the way, and it can be lots of fun and excellent exercise opening and closing the locks along your route. It is a popular option in the UK, and you can get narrowboats to suit most sizes of families, and you will usually find plenty of fantastic pubs along your route.

Rent A House Or Cottage

If you are looking for something with plenty of room for you and your family, you can also consider renting a house or a cottage for your holiday. You can use many websites to help you find suitable accommodation, such as the Airbnb.co.uk website, which has plenty of options in destinations throughout the UK. Some options can also include a swimming pool or hot tub, and you can enjoy all the facilities available in the house or cottage. No matter where you want to go on holiday in the UK, you will find there is a house or holiday cottage to rent not far from where you want to go.