Play Online Gambling

Gambling and games in general make sense only if we win the game – Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Baccarat. The ultimate goal is to win money. Our chances are higher if we play online casino, because in real casinos they do everything to decrease your reasoning, so you can expect to get free alcohol for instance, there is influence of the personality of dealer, problems how to say “enough” if you want to stop a game etc. The more you lose, the better for them, however with some exceptions – from time to time somebody wins, which is good for advertisement purposes. It seems that casino games online real money is safer, provided you are disciplined person and use some system, even if it would be just to limit your money you spend for gambling every week or month.

We expect that a game will be perfectly random, so it seems the possibility for win or lose is the same. Do we have any control over game? Well, probably we can’t change random results, but we can use a system. The effectiveness of a system is limited by the probability factor present in almost every game, however on the other side, in good systems; the probability is a factor which can save your money, provided a sample will be high enough. What does it mean – to use a system? In general it is not a miracle, but something based on probability. It means that you have to plan how much money you can spend, and every decision about spending money depends on the previous result (you lost or won).

Most of systems are constructed in such a way, that probably the worst thing you can expect is to nothing or just a little. Because the systems are based on probability, the high sample is needed for the system to work, in most cases it would be enough something between 40 and 200 or 300 bets. However the number can vary and strongly depends on an you choose and on money you can spend. So, gambling/game is kind of a war, where we want to win, but have to be prepared to just a little or nothing at all. Using a system “in action”, on real online casino website, could be quite expensive kind of education. It seems, that much better solution is to use a software for whatever game, and play it oneself on our own computer. This is really good method to check which system is the best solution for us.

┬áIt is possible to do some estimation using just basic random dice generator written in whatever programming language. BUT we have to remember that random generator embedded in our computer, or in most electronic calculators, is not perfect. In general it takes a seed number (one of 1000 in every second, because we have 1000 milliseconds in every second), raise it to power 2, cut off the first and the last number – and you get a random number. In next step you raise your result to power 2 again, cut off the numbers as previously explained etc., and the next “random” number is ready. Verily, in the process of “raising and cutting” you will get perfect random distribution, however predictable (based on one given seed number). The week point in this approach is that you have only 1000 possibilities in every second to take a seed number. This is a reason you cannot take the generator for serious cryptography.

Much better solution is to use generators embedded in good game software. Anyway, before you will try to play, check systems for free on your own computer. Remember – every time you didn’t loose money – you won, because the game was for free.